Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to place an order?
How long will it take to have my shipment arranged?
  • Kindly allow for a minimum of one week for shipment to be arranged. Delivery will be on the first available flight by cargo space obtained from the airlines concerned.
What are the sizes of the box and what will the packing be like?
  • All the fishes will be packed in a Styrofoam box measuring 490 x 367 x 323mm or 620 x 495 x 335mm to ensure proper protection against temperature fluctuation. Fishes are packed with double layered polyethylene bags in a Styrofoam box that are further protected with a corrugated cardboard box. You can be assured that our packing procedures are compliant with international standard and requirement for the fisheries industry.
What is the guarantee and claims ?
  • We guarantee 95% arrival and claims for DOA (Dead on Arrival) will be acknowledged if it constitutes more than 5% of the total fish ordered. Claims must be made within 24 hours of the arrival of the sent shipment. Claims for the delay of shipment where high mortality are observed must be presented directly to the respective airline. Airline must be notified upon clearance by filling up a complaint/bad discrepancy form for verification. The airline concerned must be informed immediately for cases such as missing cartons or documents upon arrival.
How do we obtain the price list and current stock list?
  • Price list will be available for download. Price list in the form of a booklet will be sent using snail mail upon request via email/fax by providing us with their complete address.
How to get our latest price list and stock list?
  • Our price list and stock list is updated in monthly and weekly respectively. We will publish it on our websites and available for download. We suggest you to subscribe our newsletter and we will send you our latest update on the price list and stock list.
How do we measure the size of the fish?
  • All sizes shall be measured in centimeters(cm) and are as accurate as possible.
What is our trading currency?
  • All prices will be quoted in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and are subject to changes. This is particularly applicable to seasonal species. Please ask for price updates on the seasonal species.
What are our payment terms?
  • Advance payment are required and payment is to be made by bank draft or telegraphic transfer(T.T). Personal cheques and Letters of Credit will not be accepted.
What is the standard packing quantity?
  • Standard packing is in the choice of a standard box approximately around 12 kg or a big box weighing around 16 kg. Packing in a standard box consist 4 bags while big box consist of 6 bags per box. Packing quantity for each species are listed on our pricelist booklet which also acts as a packing list. Packing quantity can be increased depending on the destination and consignee are advised to ask for assistance on this matter.
What is the box size for aquatic plants?
  • Aquatics plants are packed in 535 x 380 x 230 mm Styrofoam box weighing=8kg.
    A Styrofoam box can contain:
    • Loose plants 900-1200 pieces
    • Rubber banded bunch ˜300 – 400 bunches
    • Lead bunch ˜250 – 300 bunches
    • Small pot ˜60 – 70 pots
    • Large pot ˜120 – 150 pots
What documentation is required for the shipment clearance?
  • Generally a Health Certificate(Fish), Phytosanitary Certificate (plants only), Airway bills, shipment invoice are needed for shipment clearance. Some destination may need Certificate of Origin and other relevant documents that are made compulsory by respective local authorities. In cases where other documents are required, please notify us to avoid unnecessary delays on the shipment.

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